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Souders Studios Feature: Food and Beverage Props

Hundreds of food and beverage props
Good design is visible, great design is transparent. That’s exactly how we feel about props. Props can make or break an image. The whole reason props should exist in an image is to provide emphasis to the food, not take away from it. After all, we are a food and beverage photography studio, not a prop photographer. One massive benefit our clients can take advantage of when working with us are our insane number of props.
Rarely do the same props work for every single image, that’s why we have hundreds of them to choose from. We have three prop rooms that contain everything from fabrics to ramekins and dishes to silverware – and not to ‘one up’ ourselves, but if we don’t have it we’ll find it or make it(we have set designers that can make any surface you need). We’re like the Amazon of food props.