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Souders Studios Feature: Our Kitchen

Food and Beverage Photography chefs kitchen

      We’re a rather well oiled machine over here at Souders Studios and at the heart of this fine-tuned photographic machine is our kitchen. We hate to brag, but we like LOVE our kitchen! Besides our photography equipment, our kitchen is one of the most important aspect of our business.
It’s a complete, fully stocked kitchen including; 2 stoves(one of which is a dual fuel, gas and induction range), 3 standard refrigerators, 1 commercial refrigerator(where we can hold client’s food for upcoming shoots), 3 freezers, a ton of countertop real-estate for plenty of prep space, 2 microwaves, a separate fry room with commercial hood, a commercial griddle, toaster-oven, more pot and pans than we can count, knives, bowls, mixers, food processors, and 2 coffee makers(too much coffee is impossible).
We’re probably missing a few smaller items too but you get the idea! Additionally, our kitchen is centrally located in our building allowing food to be prepped, cooked, styled and then quickly brought into our studio to be photographed.  Easy as that!

Want to check it out for a potential shoot? Absolutely! Send us an email and we’d be happy to give you a tour.