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Rick Styles a Key Promo Piece for Charity!

Making a World of Difference!

Photographer Rick Souders works on lighting and styling a very fun and world changing charity promotional post card.  Souders Studios has turned 20 and we are learning a lot over these years.  This year is no exception.  Every year we host a client appreciation party at our photography Studios.  This has been an interesting year.  Many of you know that we were hit by the devastating hail storm in May.  As we are recovering we realize that we are very fortunate and blessed.  There have been many natural disasters that have devastated whole communities.

Looking forward, we are not hosting our popular 20th Anniversary Client Appreciation Party this season.  Instead, we have decided to “Celebrate” the people that need our help and support to rebuild their lives.  In lieu of a party, we are donating money to help the people of Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  We feel like these monies can really make a difference in our world. These are the charities we donated to on your behalf.