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New Restaurant Critics Unleashed at Acorn

Souders Studios has created the D+S Restaurant and Bar Critics. Rick and Brenda will be travelling the City in search of the best places to eat and drink. This will be a monthly feature of the Drizzle and Spritz Blog. The January feature is Acorn at 3350 Brighton Blvd in Denver.


Ambiance: Fresh, industrial and somewhat eclectic with metal brick and graffiti.

Sounds: Noisy.

Must Try Eats: One of our favorites was the wood fired petrale sole. The Hudson valley foie gras pb&j had an amazing grilled brioche. The food was fresh and real. Presentation was artistic and colorful.

Must Try Sips: Ornamental Tonic and Jalisco Orchard. Drinks are separated as low boozy, boozy and no booze.

Service: Bland.

Noteworthy Quirks: If you haven’t visited the Source, it is modern, simplistic and all the vendors are a fun collection of food, drink and socialization.

Chefs Owners: Oak at Fourteenth. “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree.”