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Life Explained: Charlie | Client Ambassador

Charlie, client ambassador for souders studios
Charlie | Client Ambassador | Dog | Lover of Food


Being the only dog at the studio is awesome. I am much faster than you humans. I never did understand why walking on two legs makes you so much slower.
The Studio needed someone that was friendly, always happy and someone to bring a smile to all whom enter the doors of Souders Studios. I was the obvious choice for studio Client Ambassador.
I was born in Memphis, Missouri which is a rural area. I left my country home for this incredible opportunity to live and work at Souders Studios.
The most difficult thing about being the Client Ambassador isn’t the personalities, the arrogance of some clients and vendors or the long hours. I have the hardest time understanding why so much food goes through that beautiful kitchen and yet I don’t get to taste any of it…. unless of course a steal a nibble.
My perfect weekend is eating breakfast, napping in the sun, playing in the yard, napping in the sun, going for a walk, napping in the sun and of course dinner. Snuggling in the evening isn’t bad either. I think everyday is the perfect weekend for me. You humans need to get a dog’s life.
Having a nose that’s 50x stronger than any of my co-workers, best smelling food we shoot hands down is BACON!!
Am I friends with the mail man? You should define friends? I am nice to him because he brings us paychecks.
I always try and taste the food, when the bosses aren’t looking. Of course as the Client Ambassador, I need to know that the food being used in the Studio is quality food. I can only do that by testing it. Right?
Had I not chosen the Ambassador role, I would probably be the General Manager or Kitchen Manager of a restaurant like Old Major. They specialize in fresh cuts of meat and bacon and there would always be plenty of bones left over for me. Otherwise I would be the CEO of some fancy gourmet dog food company.
Not to be disrespectful but YES of course. I have a lot of experience with Security, with client communications, independent contractors and my tenure of being a Client Ambassador. I am very good looking; I dress well; I live well and people love me. A big difference is that I don’t tweet mean things and I’m not a billionaire.