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GIVE 4 – “A Souders Studios Project” is now accepting applications for a FREE day of professional photography and professional retouching. GIVE stands for “Gifting Is Very Empowering” and the project is in its 4th year. Any Not-For-Profit can send in a one page submission through July 1st, 2012.

To qualify for this opportunity, you must submit the following information: Please include the name of your Charity, your address, phone number and the person responsible for the application.

Also include your Not-For-Profit Tax ID or certification. Then simply write a compelling story about how a free day of high quality, professional photography and retouching will impact your charity and the people and programs you support.

Our Charity Directors will review all applications, after the closing date, and will select a winning organization. Previous winners have included Freedom Service Dogs, Bridgeway Homes, A Walk to Remember and Firefly Autism. Send all submissions electronically to Your organization could WIN this year!