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Face To Face Portraits

“Almost 75 years ago the Golden History Museums (GHM), then called the Jefferson County Museum, commissioned a set of portraits commemorating notable individuals and their contributions to the Golden community. The paintings included the likes of William Loveland, George West, and William Sarell, among others. Museum artist Leila Reece painted the portraits and carpenter, Lesley Beasley, hand-carved each frame.
Fast forward to today. In celebration of Golden History Museums’ 75th birthday, it’s high time we do it again, but with a twist. We’ve invited Rick Souders, renowned photographer at Souders Studios in Golden, to create a new set of portraits.”
The Exhibit will be available for viewing through December 31st of 2014. Visit the Golden History Museum’s site by clicking here!
(Bill Coors pictured above in his favorite chair inside the Coors Home.)