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Celebrating Beer, Baseball & Great Recipes

Souders Studios is celebrating beer, baseball and great recipes.  We are celebrating beer because April 7th is National Beer Day and we love drinking beer and photographing beer.  We are celebrating baseball as we cheer the Colorado Rockies on with their 25th Anniversary Season with our hometown opening day set on April 7th.  And, we are celebrating National Caramel Corn day on April 6th.  You can go onto our Deliciously Different Blog and get a fabulous ball park snack.  It is Potato Chips, Pretzels and Caramel Popcorn drizzled with white and dark chocolate.  That is our featured “Recipe of the Week.”  Or you can check out one of our many other over 450 recipes on our cookbook blog site.  Now to make finding our blog even easier, you can go directly to  Ou course you can find links to both blogs and our mouth watering portfolios at