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Drizzle & Spritz

Souders Studios Feature: Surfaces

We’ve all seen the same surfaces in product and food shots – the same stock images stripped under products that were photographed on white.  You won’t see that here at Souders Studios.  We have unique surfaces; aged wood, hand crafted and hand painted as well as custom made surfaces that you can’t find anywhere else. At last count, we have over 100 unique surfaces and we work with artisans who hand craft custom items to our client’s preferences.  Be unique and set yourself apart with one of our many surfaces.

Surfaces for photography

Behind the Scenes: Grateful Bread

Behind the Scenes: We had Grateful bread in studio to shoot a lot of their breads for their website, marketing materials and for press images.  To say we had a lot of bread in studio would be a massive understatement, we had everything from sourdough, to french baguettes, to pumpernickel.  The studio smelled amazing, below are some behind the scene images from the shoot.

Behind the scenes grateful bread company Behind the scenes Behind the scenes with Souders Studios

Souders Studios Feature: Patios

Versatility in your work environment is a beautiful thing, having the ability to change scenery, especially on nice days is a real treat. During shoots, we often have the luxury of having client lunches outside on our upstairs terrace, or downstairs in the private courtyard.  Each space brings something special to the studio.

 Patios at Souders Studios