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Drizzle & Spritz

CHEERS & Happy Holidays to all


We at Souders Studios have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas Holiday season.  We want to wish all of our wonderful clients a very happy holiday.  We want to wish our outstanding vendor/partners a great holiday season.  And we say to everyone following our blog, “Peace, Love and Joy” for an amazing 2017.

New Recipe Contest Book Cover


This is an outtake set-up shot taken on Rick’s new iPhone 7.  We can’t show the final image because the book hasn’t been published yet but it is for a national diet company.  You’ll see more on this project in the upcoming weeks.  This is just a sneak peek.

…the Least Important Thing



Terry Hart of the Copyright Alliance wrote an article regarding copyright, the contemporary societal views on photography and its financial repercussions. We know how we feel regarding this manner. Take a look at the article found here to see if Hart’s points affect your view on photography in today’s world.