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D+S Critiques Fruition



The D+S Restaurant Review Crew, from Souders Studios food and beverage photography team, went to Fruition for a February dinner.  Fruition is located at 1313 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO  80203.

Ambiance: This is a very quant dining space in a converted old home.  The tables are cozy.  The décor consists of dark wood tables, warm walls and tasteful décor.  It has a friendly local neighborhood vibe.  And while the food is very creative, the atmosphere is not pretentious.

Sound:  Moderate noise levels at times but very cozy for smaller groups and couples.

Must Try Eats:  The Potato Wrapped Oysters Rockefeller (with parmesan-leek emulsion, bacon lardons and baby spinach) was one of the best appetizers we have had in the city.  Crispy Veal Sweetbreads (with tagliatelle, bone marrow crema, pickled celery root and Brussels sprout leaves) was also amazing.  The maple leaf farms duck breast cooked medium was a fantastic yet delicate flavor profile.  The menu speaks to culinary talent.  All plates are very shareable.

Must Try Sips:  The cocktails were average but we discovered a fabulous red wine.  It is Nebbiolo 2011 from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Service:  Service was good and the wait staff was friendly, very knowledgeable and timely.

Noteworthy Quirks:  There is a reason why this joint is one of Denver’s finest.  That’s all we need to say.

Chefs Owners: Fruition is the brainchild of chef Alex Seidel.


The New Ambassador


Hey everyone, meet the newest team member here at Souders Studios.  His name is Charlie. This rambunctious pup hails from Memphis, Missouri and will be keeping a close eye on the security of the studio and offices. Charlie is the newest ambassador of the Souders Team and he takes over the 15.5 year job that was formerly held by Mousse.