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Drizzle & Spritz

Multiple Sets on Set


When the client needs dramatically different lighting, surfaces and angles for the required shots, it is necessary to set up multiple sets.  This week in the studio we have three sets running in order to provide the client with the shots that are needed. Having plenty of space and equipment to function in this capacity is a major benefit of shooting at our studio here in Golden, Colorado.

An Icelandic Lager

An Icelandic Lager


At Souders Studios we have a love for tasting the estranged, bazaar and unique offerings of the world. Rick Souders is off in the land of fire and ice enjoying the finer things that Iceland has to offer. Here is the Borg Snorri NR.10, a slightly spicy, earthy lager brewed by Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson in Reykjavik. Cheers from the arctic circle!

The Golden Moon’s New Releases

Golden Moon KummelGolden Moon Single Malt WhiskeyGolden Moon Ex Gratia

Our friends at the Golden Moon Distillery just released three new outstanding bottles of top shelf liquor and they wanted us to shoot some images of them.  We obliged them happily of course, but not before having sampled some of each down at their speakeasy first.  Newly released is the Kummel (shown left), The Ex Gratia a genepi liqueur (shown right), and the Colorado Single Malt Whiskey (shown center).