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Drizzle & Spritz

Photo Lecture @ Hallmark Institute of Photography

Souders Studios traveled to Turner Falls, Massachusetts to lecture and demonstrate food photography. Rick has always loved to educate and speak about food photography, the business behind it, and how to set yourself up to be successful. The team demonstrated this year how to shoot a beer and make it look refreshing! Rick gifted the students a signed copy of his book “Art and Attitude of Commercial Photography.” Which was then followed by the team looking at student portfolio images, we saw some awesome work! We thank the Hallmark Institute of Photography and students for welcoming us! You can read a great interview with Rick on the Institute’s blog by clicking here.

Nomination for International Color Awards

Souders Studios was just nominated for 4 food entries in the 2015 International Color Awards! There were 7,358 entries, received from 79 countries. We are proud to share our nominated entries.
(In order from left to right… Beer and Chains for Zymurgy Magazine, Brewers Association. Stacked Cake Pops for Stephen Roberts Original Desserts. Freckled Lemonade Splash for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews. Brussels Sprouts for Souders Studios self promotion.)

Good times at Opening Day

Souders Studios had a blast at the Rockies home opener! This was seconds before Rob was drenched in beer. Cheers! (Left to right, Austin, Rob, Rick, photo by John Wood.)