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Drizzle & Spritz

Award Winning Deliciously Different Blog!

The Souders Studios recipe blog has been very well received! Wonderful Machine has received this award from Graphic Design USA for the outstanding web design of our blog! When designing this blog Rick Souders really wanted to take a Deliciously Different approach. The blog is laid out like an online cook book, with different pages or tabs to navigate through the recipes. The blog also features a “weekly special” with new recipes! If you haven’t seen it yet please click here! 

Lounge Clowns

This week the Souders Studios team was hard at work on a video and live action shoot! Jim Stephenson (left) and food stylist Stephen Shern (right) were caught taking a break on the job.

On Location With Stephen

This week the Souders Studios team shot on location! Mixing up Mojitos with food stylist Stephen Shern.