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Organic – Made From Scratch

Organic and Made From Scratch Food is in and trendy. Souders Studios newest collection of Food and Beverage Portfolio Images.  When we aren’t super swamped with shooting for national food and beverage brands, we try to look at food trends, lighting, the new culinary order and put the elements together.  Here you will find our stories of three American Favorites: Apple Pie, Mac and Cheese and Pizza.  These are all shown from top to bottom as ingredients from scratch, baked and then ready to eat.  These are all shot with mixed light packaging is of great importance.


We are always looking for anything relevant to the food and beverage photography world.  So check out our food and beverage trends of 2010!  We have researched a lot of magazine, restaurant, food and beverage industry and research sites, to come up with our top trends to start the new decade out with.  These are not in any particular order but we found them all interesting enough to share with all of our friends and clients.

  • Chocolate, especially in the organic category, plus chocolate with bacon and the newest trend of chocolates paired with Sea Salts
  • Exotic Fruits are still popular but in their whole forms versus vitamin or suppliment forms
  • Butchers are in again in 2010, fresh meat cuts from the around the corner butcher are more popular
  • Brussell Sprouts and Eggplants are the Veggie Kings
  • Eggs all day long
  • Wines mixed with Fruit Juices
  • Exotic Sodas made from Scratch
  • Foods from the Sea like Kelp Pasta
  • Marshmallows and Butterscotch are running neck in neck
  • Coconut and Coconut water are very big
  • Gluten Free Anything
  • Comfort Foods from Meat Loaf to Baked Chicken
  • Pickled Items like Ginger
  • Smoke Flavored Fish
  • Lamb is in again
  • Home Made Beer is Big
  • and Local Honey is a favorite

These are a few of the trends that will be starting out this decade.  Which ones are you a fan of?


This is highly paid much to details because the company has stores all over the world and a slight mistake can end up destroying the whole collection.