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Drizzle & Spritz

Book Cover

Always exciting to see your work in print! This book cover was for a new book “How to Brew Beer” sponsored by the Brewers Association.  The cover was shot here in the Souders Studios Chef’s Kitchen with all of the right tools to home brew beer.


Book Cover for Brewers Association

Souders Studios hosts ASMP Colorado

When you are in business for yourself, it’s important to be a part of industry groups.  ASMP, formally known as American Society for Media Photographers, is a national organization with individually run state chapters.  The group promotes the welfare of photographers, and the national chapter helps lobby for protections under the federal government, such as copyright protections.  Several times a year, ASMP curates events that are generally educational, exposure oriented or inspirational.  This month we were happy to host the event that was estimation and negotiation centric

Souders Studios hosts ASMP Colorado

It’s a Team Effort

A successful business isn’t a sole journey alone, it’s a collaboration between like-minded individuals who are equally dedicated to achieving the same goal.  The photography industry isn’t any different.  Though many perceive the industry as an individual pursuit, it’s far from it.  It’s a carefully balanced collaboration of creative types, all who are equally talented at their specific craft.
Souders Studios is no different. We work with a talented group of individuals ranging from producers and retouchers, to food stylists and graphic designers.  Each person brings their own specific expertise to the table to help develop and foster the creative across the finish line. Below is a behind the scenes shot from one of our most recent shoots at Gordon Biersch. Gordon Biersch is part of the CraftWorks brand and one of our many clients that allow us to keep doing what we love to do. Brenda, our stylist assistant, Stephen Shern, our food stylist and Rick Souders, photographer, putting the finishing touches on some great looking beverages.

Team Effort at Gordon Biersch