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Drizzle & Spritz

New “Restaurant Critics” Unleashed at Acorn

The Souders Studios Team has created the D+S Restaurant and Bar Critics. Rick, Brenda and Team will be travelling the City in search of the best places to eat and drink. This will be a monthly feature of the Drizzle and Spritz Blog. The January feature is Acorn at 3350 Brighton Blvd in Denver.


Ambiance: Fresh, industrial and somewhat eclectic with metal brick and graffiti.

Sounds: Noisy.

Must Try Eats: One of our favorites was the wood fired petrale sole. The Hudson valley foie gras pb&j had an amazing grilled brioche. The food was fresh and real. Presentation was artistic and colorful.

Must Try Sips: Ornamental Tonic and Jalisco Orchard. Drinks are separated as low boozy, boozy and no booze.

Service: Bland.

Noteworthy Quirks: If you haven’t visited the Source, it is modern, simplistic and all the vendors are a fun collection of food, drink and socialization.

Chefs Owners: Oak at Fourteenth. “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree.”

Food & Drink Spotlight Magazine

Souders Studios has been featured in another Production Paradise Spotlight Magazine! Check out some of the new work we have been creating by clicking here!

Souders Studios Holiday Dinner

We recently celebrated with our team a Holiday dinner at the Capitol Grill in LoDo. The food and company was fantastic! Happy Holidays from the Souders Studios team!