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Drizzle & Spritz

Cooking for Deliciously Different blog

Cooking for the blogs

Here at Souders Studios we spend a lot of time behind the camera. But, we also spend a lot of time in the kitchen making all those tasty recipes for our Deliciously Different blog.  Here is Studio Manager Rob Knight helping prep an original beverage recipe by Rick Souders. Head over to the other blog to see what this weeks special is.

Cocktails and Portfolios at the Golden Moon

Cocktails and Portfolios

Last Thursday the 21st, the Golden Moon Speakeasy let us set up shop for the evening to show a few of our new portfolios and have a few drinks with our clients and friends. They even brough in live music and charcuterie to make the event that much more amazing.

Porduction Paradise Spotlight

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.16.11 AM

Production Paradise featured Souders Studios in the April issue of their “Spotlight Magazine”. We are honored to be presented in such an outstanding light and are thankful to everyone at production paradise for all their hard work. Head over to the site to check it out here along with some of our new work.