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Recipe Videos

Recipe Videos

Jim Stevenson and Rick Souders on set in the studio kitchen collaborating on a new project.  We are excited to show everyone the new recipe videos we have been working on lately.

Gold Medal Winner!


Here is a fun blast from the past.  This is one of Souders Studios signature “Splash” images.  This shows the setup with John Wood helping with lighting and then the final image.  This image won a Gold Ladle at the World Food Media Awards in South Australia.  Souders Studios is the only Studio in the World to win Gold three consecutive times.

The Pizza Burger!

Pizza Burger

Hey Guys,  the Pizza Burger is here from Old Chicago.  In celebration of their 40th anniversary Old Chicago is releasing specialty, limited time only items.  Among them is this behemoth of tastiness. If you live anywhere near an Old Chicago go snag one before they are gone.